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Your Mother's Hands Deserve a Manicure

April 19th, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

Your mother's hands -- They bathed you in a sink when you were pink and new and scary-small; they cleaned up countless numbers of your messes; they guided you across busy streets, spent tireless hours correcting your homework, packed you healthy lunches; they reached out to you in times of trouble and times of joy. What better way to show your appreciation than with the gift of a Mother's Day manicure? The very name comes from the Latin words for "care" and "hands."

Let Mom sit back in the chair and have us take care of her hands for a change. File and shape them to perfection. Cut back those cuticles she never has time to deal with. Soothe her tired hands with lotion and massage.

Then let her choose a style she has pretended not to care about all these years because she was too busy caring for you. Perhaps a classy French manicure, with clear or blush polish and white along the nailtips would do. Or maybe a half-moon manicure, with the upper nails painted white and the rest the color of her choice.

Maybe Mom would like some long-lasting acrylic nails to accommodate her busy lifestyle. We also can offer a relaxing paraffin manicure for her, where heated wax moisturizes and softens-the perfect treatment for dry, overworked hands. Perhaps Mom will want to go jazzy, with a flowery or abstract design painted on her nails. It's her day. It's her choice.

Now, look down at your own nails. Hmmm... maybe they could use a little loving care too. If so, a mother-daughter trip will be the perfect excursion this Mother's Day. Call and schedule your appointment today.