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You Don't Need to Deal with Holiday Burn-Out

December 11th, 2013 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

You look forward to the holidays all year, but now that theyíre here, youíre frantic. There are gifts to purchase, parties to attend, meals to prepare, flight reservations, and oh, yes, work. The period between Halloween and New Yearís Day is a crazy blur that can leave you a frazzled mess. This is no way to spend the holiday season. Instead, schedule a few appointments to pamper yourself. You may think that you canít fit one more thing in your calendar, but taking a few hours out to work out the kinks or polish your look can make all the difference between just getting through the holidays and truly enjoying the festive season.

Power Shopping

Youíre a pro at holiday power shopping. Youíve scoped out all the big sales and mapped out your driving route far in advance. By the time youíve finished digesting your Thanksgiving turkey, youíre ready to take on the Black Friday sales. Before you set off to snag the bargains on your gift list, how about a gift for yourself? A yoga session can clear your mind of clutter while you stretch your limbs and muscles. By the end of your session you should feel relaxed, loose and ready to take on the mobs at the stores -- without getting into altercations with fellow shoppers.


You love your family. You really do. And you look forward to getting together over the holidays. What you donít look forward to is going through the security theater at the airport, long lines to check in and crowded airplanes. Or maybe youíre driving? Icy, slippery roads often make for hair-raising rides. However you travel, itís almost guaranteed that you will feel like you need a vacation to recover from your trip. Why not give yourself a mini vacation before you set off? Schedule a relaxing head to toe massage, mud bath or similar pampering treatment. Afterward, youíll be in much better spirits to deal with the hassle of traveling.


Some of the best parties of the year occur during the holiday season. It seems like nearly every day, thereís another excuse to pull out the LBD or splash out in sparkly jewelry. Why not enhance the glam factor by scheduling a hair appointment along with a mani-pedi treatment for your hard working hands and feet? Your stylist will be happy to suggest a glamorous 'do as they shampoo, condition and trim your locks. If youíre going for special highlights, now is definitely the time to apply those. For those extra special occasions, book a makeup artist to do your face, and then go straight to the party.

Weight Gain

Yes, we had to go there. With all the delicious food youíll be eating over the holidays, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise come January unless you keep up at least a rudimentary exercise routine. A soak in the spa hot tub wonít help you lose weight, but it may ease sore muscles from that gym session you took to attempt to work off Aunt Sarahís decadent Devil's food cake.

Self Care

In the midst of your holiday preparation and celebration, donít forget relaxation. Your body and mind need downtime from the continuous activity that often characterizes the festive season. By adding visits to the spa or salon to your to-do list, youíll shine through the holidays, full of anticipation for the coming year.