Fashion Wigs and Hairpieces

When Dazzles Salon decided to become part of the Day Spa concept and focus our attention to something larger than beauty, we knew we wanted to include wellness.  It's about feeling good, improving your well-being or that of someone special.  If you or someone you know is going through cancer, we understand what a critical time it can be.  Finding the right wig can be quite an emotional undertaking.  We have a private room available for consultations.  We can help to nurture a cancer patient's self-esteem.  Helping keep up their appearance is such an important element.

Watching my mother go through chemotherapy, I felt her helplessness.  When she lost her hair, I could see by the look in her eyes how awful she felt.  Emotionally it is one of the worst side effects.  Watching her find the right wig and being treated with dignity and the up most respect, I saw a sparkle return to her eyes.  We couldn't make the cancer go away, but we could learn how to live with it.

Dazzles Salon and Spa can offer instruction in how to use makeup, wigs, turbans, scarves and other accessories.  We can guide you to support groups.  It isn't an easy time, but we can offer assistance to you while you're recovering.  We are also a Lock's of Love volunteer.  It is an organization that collects hair to be made into wigs for children.