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Mom Can Have Soft Hands Too

May 3rd, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

Her hands have given so much love over the years. She placed a cool cloth on your forehead when you were ill, cooked your favorite meal when you were hungry or needed cheering and patted you on the back when you were discouraged. A mother's hands are precious to her child and should be treasured. That's why focusing on her hands can lead you to a gift she'll love for Mother's Day. A manicure is the perfect gift for busy moms everywhere, because it will give her a chance to be pampered and she'll enjoy the chance to show off her pretty hands.

Is your mom one of those ladies who has everything? A manicure gives her a chance to spend a little time on herself. While she might not purchase a manicure for herself on a regular day, she is certain to use your gift of a manicure and will feel special and indulged while doing so.

Even if her life is hectic, a manicure will fit into her schedule because she can take advantage of it during a time that is most convenient for her. A manicure is also a good gift if you are on a budget, because purchasing a manicure for your mom doesn't cost a lot of money but shows that you were thinking of her and her need to relax and be cared for. It can be personalized with her favorite color nail polish or her favorite design, such as flowers. Unlike real flowers, painted flowers won't wilt away into obscurity in a few short days but will last for weeks.

If you want to present the gift in a fun way, purchase a small bottle of hand lotion in her favorite scent. Attach the gift of the manicure to the lotion bottle with a pretty ribbon and wrap it all up for a gift that she will appreciate for a long time to come. Every time she uses the lotion, she'll remember her manicure and feel loved and valued all over again.

For an added lasting memory, purchase a manicure for yourself and spend the day with your mom so both of you can be spoiled just a little bit and treated to the gift of beautiful hands.