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Colors of Spring

March 19th, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

Winter's dark dreary skies have given way to blossoming trees, chirping birds and the bright colors of spring. But Mother Nature isn't the only one unleashing her vibrancy; lady fashion is also having her say. Take a look at what's to come this season.

And The Eyes Have It!

But let's start from the top and work our way down. This spring, the eyes have it! And fashionistas are making them pop with shimmery metallics, emerald greens and sapphire blues. Pink also made an appearance on the lids this season, yes, pink. While it may sound intimidating, I guarantee, this season, lots of bellas have been brushing on pink eye shadows with ultra flattering results.

While black mascara remains a staple, colored mascaras (and liners) are also a big hit this spring, and once again, blue is getting rave reviews.

Whether you opt for a bold eye, reminiscent of precious gems, or a neutral eye with just a hint of shimmer, be sure to top off the look with fabulous lashes and full brows. Yes, brows are back! So go easy on the tweezers. Let that hair grow!

Lips For Every Bella

Whether it's a pucker or a pout, fresh nude lips are being paired up with bold eyes. Glosses give lips that fresh, dewy look and seem to be the preferred choice for ladies going nude. If you're a woman who lives for color, there are several choices in the lineup for you as well. The red lip is a hit this spring, and hues range from bright red to berry and even the vampy shade usually considered a fall staple. If you're a more avant-garde bella, neon pinks and oranges are also a big hit, and wearing the two colors together is a trend that's definitely making waves.

Nail It!

They started gaining momentum last year, and this spring minimalist nails are definitely the talk of the town. Whether it's pure white, a demure milky shade, a nude khaki, or a barely-there French manicure, toning down your nails is definitely the way to go this spring.

However, if the barely-there look isn't your style, then the jeweled toned shades that popped up in eye shadows this spring are also quite popular on the nails. Light green jades and amethyst colored varnishes are among the most popular shades, and manage to keep your nails pretty much toned down, while still adding a splash of color.

For the lady who believes her manicure should make a statement, some more extreme looks have been gracing the nails of models on the catwalks this spring. From metallic varnishes to holographic and two-toned manicures, designers made sure that the lady who oozes glamour is not left out in the nail department this spring.

So, whether it's bold, or understated, whatever your fashion makeup choices are this spring, remember this, fashion is art, and as any piece of art should do, your fashion choices should say something about who you are. So, be bold, don't be afraid to experiment, try something new, and maybe even set your own trends once in a while, but whatever trend you decide to rock this spring, rock it with confidence, and make sure that it represents and celebrates you!