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Cold Weather Skin Tips

November 17th, 2013 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

In the depths of winter you may exercise caution when walking on ice covered sidewalks and snow covered driveways. Exercising the same level of caution is necessary for your skin during the colder season. With indoor heaters blazing, they leave skin dry and compromised. Here's some advice for you to keep your skin youthful and moisturized this season.

At-Home Care

The main component of winter skin care is hydration. Running a cool mist humidifier can ease indoor air dryness. Even so, all skin types will probably need a seasonal shift to richer moisturizers for both face and body during the winter months.

Limit exposure to hot water also. Even though a hot shower may feel great after coming in from the cold, water that's too hot breaks down your skin's lipid barriers, which can make skin even drier. Instead, shower or bathe in lukewarm or even cool water.

Exfoliation is also important to slough away dry, flaky dead skin. You still need sunscreen too, on your face - and your hands, too, if they're exposed to the elements. Apply lotion or moisturizer after exfoliation while pores are still open.

Hydrating Facials

Hydrating facials perform double duty -- polishing away rough, dry skin while providing deep hydration. We can perform a facial suited for your skin type that will smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin baby soft. We can also recommend products for you to use at home to recreate the spa experience.

In addition to at home and professional skin care, maintaining a proper diet can translate into healthier skin during the harsh winter months. Fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water should be regular features at each meal. Taking a multivitamin supplement that includes Omega-3 essential fatty acids may also help.