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Celebrate Valentine's Day the Way You Want

February 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

The holidays have barely ended and the stores are already setting up for Valentine's Day. The marketers of this commercialized "Hallmark holiday" have been brainwashing society for years, making us believe that the way we should celebrate is by spending boat loads of money on stuff like giant, over-stuffed bears and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. This year, commemorate Valentine's Day the way it was originally intended-as a celebration of our love for one another. Light a few candles. Throw on some jazzy tunes and romance your lover with the help of these four beauty tips.

Get the hair.
Whether you wear your hair up or down, curly hairstyles are perfect for Valentine's Day. If you were blessed with naturally curly hair, work a curl enhancing cream through your ringlets to prevent frizz.

If you're not so lucky, shield your lovely locks from heat damage by using a thermal protectant. Create beautiful curls with a 1-1 ½ inch curling barrel, alternating which way you wrap your locks around the barrel. For that movie star quality, make sure that you curl the locks that are closest to your face away from your face. Once the curls have set, run your fingers through your locks to loosen up the curls and finish with a hair spray. Who wouldn't want to run their fingers through your lovely locks now?

Get the smooch.
Nothing says, "Take me as I am," like a pair of kissable lips, but nobody likes sticky kisses. Instead of applying lip gloss or lipstick, try something a little closer to au natural like lip balm. Look for a lip balm containing beeswax, because it's one of the best, natural ingredients that keep lips moist. Now that your lips are soft, smooth and moisturized, you're ready for some hot action.

Get the glow.
Transforms your ghostly winter appearance and look absolutely radiant with a bronzer.  The general rule of thumb when choosing the right bronzer for you is to select a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Lightly brush the bronzer over your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Don't overdo it or you'll end up looking likes some orange Martian. The right bronzer will give you a natural-looking, long-lasting glow that's sure to seduce your sweetheart.

Get the scent.
The perfect fragrance not only has the power to make you feel confident, but it can ignite a wealth of emotions that can enrich your romance and establish an overall sense of happiness. Find a perfume that suits you using Scentmap.com, a service that guides people in finding a fragrance they will love. Simply select the brand of perfume and the scent that you currently wear and Scentmap.com will suggest five perfumes that you will like. Find a seductive fragrance that's perfect for any day you want to make extra special.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be the cliché. Avoid the tacky gifts and have a pure celebration of love. Whether it's a quiet night in or a spontaneous night out, celebrate the day however you want.