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A Refreshing Summer

June 18th, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

Staying cool in the midst of a summer heat wave involves more than physical comfort. High temperatures can be responsible for heat-related illnesses ranging from heat exhaustion to heat stroke. Heat is also to blame for fashion tragedies such as runny makeup and limp hair. While you can't do anything about the temperature outside, there is plenty you can do to keep your internal thermostat in check.

Let's begin with the obvious. Have you been itching to try a cute just-off-the-neck bob, or tempted to go for the gold with a pixie? Summer is the time. Schedule a sit-down with your favorite stylist of ours and pick their brain. Let them know that you're thinking of a shorter cut and want input. Our stylists can take one look at the shape of your face and size of your features and picture the perfect style in their minds.

If you're not quite ready for the super-short, sexy look, ask for some simple up-do ideas. Who knows? There may be a twist you've never thought of or a piece of hair jewelry that will set your summer locks apart from the crowd. The point is to get the hair off your neck on those dog day afternoons.

Whether you have a pool in your yard or simply love your neighborhood pool, rock your confidence through careful grooming. Don't be shy about taking those bikini bottoms with you as you visit our esthetician for a bikini and leg wax. The bottom line is this: there are few things more striking than a confident woman strolling waterside.

Staying comfortable this summer isnít only about body temperature. It's just as important to keep your emotional cool regardless of how frenzied life may become. Ask to see the menu of massages offered for an idea of which one might best meet your summer needs. How about a deep tissue massage after weeks of swimming and early-morning boot camp workouts, or a Swedish massage to relax you before the kids head back to school?

If the sun is doing a number on your skin, schedule regular facials to prevent the ravages of summer from prematurely aging you. So call us at and schedule an appointment with us today. We only get this one body and summer is the perfect time to enjoy it.


Bridal Beauty Timeline

June 3rd, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

Brides face a lot of pressure to look their best on their wedding day, and being one of the most memorable days in your life, it's only natural to want to look your most beautiful. A vow of love and a union of families, this special day is well-documented with photos and videos that will inevitably become treasured keepsakes. These keepsakes will sit proudly in pristine frames atop an office desk, mounted on a wall or stored away in a safe spot, before they get passed down to your children and grandchildren. In order to look your best for your big day there are a few things you need to plan out beforehand. It can be stressful trying to work out all the little details, so here's a quick bridal beauty timeline to help ensure you look amazing for your big day.

6 months before the wedding:

  • Beauty starts from the inside out, so make sure to take care of your health, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and eat nutritionally balanced meals.

  • Reserve a free skin consultation, at which time a personalized skin care regimen as well as other treatments will be recommended just for you.

  • Research bridal makeup styles you like in magazines and on the internet.

3 months before the wedding:

Schedule an initial trial run makeup application.

  • Bring in the photos of the bridal makeup styles you liked.
  • Take a few photos from different angles to see if you like the way your features are being enhanced.
  • Keep exercising regularly, drinking lots of water and eating healthy.

1 month before the wedding:

Schedule a second trial run makeup application session.

  • Bring the photos of the previous session to point out what you did and did not like about the makeup style.

  • As before, take a few photos from various angles to make sure you like the way your features are being highlighted.

  • Keep exercising regularly, drinking lots of water and eating healthy.

2 weeks before:

  • Reserve an appointment to get your eyebrows professionally shaped to bring more dimension to your face.

  • Now is also the time to consider lash extensions, tinting and perms.

  • Schedule a facial appointment to ensure you have a glowing complexion on your special day and will contribute to an even makeup application.

  • Reserve a third trail makeup application session, if necessary.

The day before the wedding:

  • Assemble an emergency bridal beauty kit for touchups on your big day.

  • Eat a healthy dinner, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.

On your wedding day:

  • Keep your dress clean and wear a button down shirt or robe over your wedding dress, while you get your makeup done.

  • Smile and enjoy your wedding.

Looking your best on your wedding day doesn't have to be overwhelming and stressful. Hopefully this bridal beauty timeline will ease your stress and give you a better sense of direction as you prep for your big day. Call us at (845) 897-5100  (845) 297-5900 to start planning your bridal beauty today.


Feeling Good in Your Skin

May 14th, 2014 • Posted by Dazzles • Permalink

No matter what your skin type, we want your face at it's finest.† We have some information that will get you off to a great start.

Normal Skin

Lucky you. Your skin is smooth and isn't prone to breakouts. That doesn't mean you can be haphazard with skin care. Use a gentle cleanser, then moisturize with a product that includes a sunscreen to block harmful sun exposure that can prematurely age your skin.

Treat yourself to a spa facial to improve blood flow for your skin and provide overall relaxation. Classic facials consist of cleansing and exfoliating your skin with a massager and mask. Afterwards, we rinse your skin thoroughly and finish with a moisturizer.

Dry/Sensitive Skin

Dry or sensitive skin feels tight, with patchy spots and fine lines. Hydration and sun protection are essential, but heavy, oily products may irritate your skin, making matters worse. Instead, seek products with no dyes or perfumes, or that are labeled "hypoallergenic." Rinse with cool or slightly warm water and scrub only very sparingly.

Facials for dry or sensitive skin often include masks constraining emollients, with exfoliation done manually. We may leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes or longer to allow for maximum hydration. A rich, yet light moisturizer finishes the treatment.

Oily/ Acne Prone Skin

Oily skin has large pores and shiny spots, especially across the forehead, nose and chin. Acne is a common complaint even among adults. The upside is that oily skin often conceals visible signs of aging. Vigorous cleansing and exfoliation are OK, but don't get carried away with harsh products or too much scrubbing.

When we give facials to customers with oily skin, we focus on absorbing excess oil and lifting impurities from the pores while maintaining moisture. Cleansing and moisturizing are often followed by a clay based mask. We finish with a water based moisturizer that includes a sunscreen.

Regular cleansing and moisturizing with the right products keeps all skin types healthy. For minor breakouts or other problems, let us help with professional treatments. A facial or massage can also provide a much needed break from your normal, hectic routine.